Brendon Burns,Kubernetes co-founder, was our special guest in this episode where we talked about the evolution of kubernetes, community around it and the container ecosystem revolution.

We also touched upon following items.

  • Kubernetes as an orchestration tool, community behind the project and goal of the project.
  • Kubernetes managed services and cluster hosting.
  • Kubernetes APIs and extensibility.
  • Adoption of Kubernetes in the software industry.
  • Kubernetes on premise, Azure stack.
  • Kubernetes adoption in windows/.net world.
  • Serverless platforms.
  • Auto-scaling and custom metrics auto-scaling.
  • Security of containers.
  • User management and access control.
  • Best practices for user management.
  • Ingress controllers in multiple kubernetes environments.
  • Cross replicating data across hybrid clusters.
  • Kubernetes in IOT.