Rahul, Ershad, and Vishal from BigBinary infrastructure team participated in this podcast episode. Rahul discusses how he got the prometheus monitoring on kubernetes for the rails applications. Using Prometheus and grafana they have application metrics which gives insights about application performance in production. Vishal tells us about the automation of replacement of k8s faulty nodes. Ershad talks about using AWS Aurora RDS instances as a scalable database.

  • Monitoring using Prometheus and grafana on kubernetes.
  • Automatically replacing faulty nodes on the kubernetes cluster.
  • Using RDS Aurora for the auto-scaling of the databases.
  • Effectively using MySQL master-slave architecture.
  • Using Makara gem to configure PostgreSQL master-slave architecture.
  • Using Pgpool or Pgbouncer for the PostgreSQL database.
  • Using Ingress controller for routing application on kubernetes.
  • Rahul’s experience at DevOps India Summit 2018.