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Ep. 15: Kubernetes & container ecosystem with Adam Hawkins

In this Episode, Adam and Rahul discuss Kubernetes and various container deployment platforms.
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EP. 15

Ep. 14: Kubernetes and serverless with Sebastien

In this Episode, Sebastien and Rahul discuss Kubernetes and Sebastien discusses Triggermesh, a serverless platform on Kubernetes.
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EP. 14

Ep. 13: BigBinary's monthly infrastructure podcast

In this Episode, Rahul, Ershad and Vishal discuss the automation work they did recently in their respective projects.
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EP. 13

Ep. 12: Infrastructure cost saving techniques with Ershad

In this Episode, Ershad discusses how he was able to reduce infrastructure cost through a few simple measures. BigBinary
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EP. 12

Ep. 11: Understanding Kubernetes with Brendon Burns

In this Episode, Brendon, Kubernetes co-founder, joins Rahul and Prathamesh to discuss the evolution of Kubernetes.
Photo of Brendon Burns
EP. 11

Ep. 10: Engineering at PubNative with Michael Nikitochkin

In this Episode, Michael, Rahul and Vipul discuss deploying containers on Kubernetes and scaling at PubNative and tools used for caching.
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EP. 10

Ep. 9: Deploying Docker containers with Nomad

In this Episode, Ershad, Vipul, and Rahul discuss deploying containers to production using Nomad, and further discuss using consul and vault with Nomad. BigBinary
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EP. 9

Ep. 8: Understanding GitKube with Tanmai

In this Episode, Tanmai and Rahul discuss Gitkube, a CI/CD automation tool built by the Hasura team on top of Kubernetes. BigBinary
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EP. 8

Ep. 7: Kubernetes and Microservices with Joe Beda

In this Episode, Joe and Rahul discuss Kubernetes and Joe discusses the history of Kubernetes and tools he is building for Kuberntes ecosystem issues. BigBinary
Photo of Joe
EP. 7

Ep. 6: Kubernetes and Microservices with Kelsey

In this Episode, Kelsey and Rahul discuss Kubernetes and it's impact in container and microservice ecosystem. BigBinary
Photo of Kelsey
EP. 6

Ep. 5: Diving into Kubernetes

In this Episode, Neependra founder of cloudyuga and Rahul discuss about the Neependra's experince into starting with container technolgies like docker, kubernetes etc. BigBinary
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EP. 5

Ep. 4: Kubernetes at Scale

In this Episode,Rahul Mahale and Vipul AM discuss scaling apps on kubernetes and challenges involved in scaling kubernetes application. BigBinary
Photo of Vipul
EP. 4

Ep. 3: Kubernetes & Rancher in Container Eco-system

In this Episode, Shannon Williams and Rahul Mahale discuss Kubernetes, Rancher, Docker and more. BigBinary
Photo of Shannon
EP. 3

Ep. 2: Deployment lifecycle of Rails apps on Kubernetes

In this Episode Vipul, Rahul and Vishal discuss deployment lifecycle of Rails on Kubernetes including Rolling restart with zero downtime. BigBinary
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EP. 2

Ep. 1: Containers, Rancher & Kubernetes

Welcome to the Inaugural Episode of All Things Devops Podcast. This is a brand new podcast from the BigBinary Team where we will discuss all things related to devops. BigBinary
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EP. 1

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